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It’s scares me that only 16,000 people know what this is

wtf is this some kind of choclat bar

This object has killed over 400,000 people

oh my god. 


We’re old.




  • lost-wolf
    May I request a drawing? Leoxkarai :D

Here is some LeoxKarai lost-wolf. ^u^

Sorry it took forever I have been really busy and not been able to draw much past derp doodles or chibi turtle tots. The top pic is the one I put all my brain cells into and I hope it’s to your liking. ^^”

I’ll be honest I’m not good at drawing girls despite the fact that I am one. So this took ALOT longer then normal and it didn’t help that there aren’t vary many good Karai references. The icing on the cake is that Leo is also the hardest of the turtles to draw. XD So I’m afraid three pics is all I can give for now. Expect more later on since I’ve been refueled by the latest episodes! *u*

Anonymous asked
What's Randy supposed to do when he's sick, like throwing up and bed ridden sick(And on a school day)? How will he fight Viceroy's robots or stanked students(For students maybe Howard will have to make sure they don't get stanked in the first place?)? What's Howard supposed to do? Would he hang out with Der Monster Klub or will he just eat lunch alone?




i dont know if the nomicon would have any kind of protocol for this. knowing randy tho he’ll drag his weak lil ass to school going on and on about how DONT WORRY HE’S FEELING FINE, spreading germs and sick goo everywhere and barely surviving any attack.

howard doesnt have the tact to stop ppl getting stanked. if randy’s absent he’ll probably skip, go to randy’s house and lock the windows and doors so randy will actually stay in bed for once

No sillies. Remember 9thgradeninja said Randy DOESN’T get sick. As he has “the Brucest immune system”

Idk 9thgradeninja pretends to be either randy or Howard sometimes. Therefor his grasp on reality is suspect haha
That’d be terrifying tho a randy that never stops





"I really don’t want to shower but I want to be clean" an autobiography

"Now that I’m in the shower I really dont wanna get out" a sequel

"Now that I’m out, I don’t want to put on clothes" the spin-off

"I’m sitting here in my towel and I must have showered 2 hours ago" the self help booklet

me on my way home from class: oh man i'm gonna get so much work done let me make a to do list and get that shit done quickly and effectively i'm so pumped

me the second i get home: nah